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More control, greater efficiency, instant insight.

Proactive management of your loan portfolios is a continuous process. Automation creates efficiency so you can focus your risk management resources where they are needed most.

Risk Radar is the proactive alerting tool within LoanHD. You can dial-in custom thresholds and receive notifications for continuous, set-and-forget loan monitoring. Based on your business goals and objectives, you can define risk or opportunity targets and receive automatic notification when they are met.

Timely information is pushed to you, rather than expending man hours to manually scan your data and run reports.

See the risk and opportunity in your loan pools, and take control. Set your targets and manage the outcomes you are trying to achieve within the limits of your risk tolerance levels and your earnings goals.

Pre-Defined Radars

We have made it easy to get started, providing you with 9 commonly used Radars. Just click on the pre-defined radar, select the pool of loans you wish to review and results are immediate.


Custom Radars

You can also create your own custom defined radars across pools and even loan classes.



Alerts appear in the ALERTS section of relevant pages. They identify any data assumptions or matches to existing Radars and point out relevant warnings to the content on the page.


Know when risk or opportunity may be surfacing and take action!