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More insight, predictive tools, accelerated action for mortgage risk management.

Risk analytics supported by data visualization increase the speed with which data can be interpreted and acted upon. The use of cumbersome spreadsheets and summary reporting is no longer sufficient. Transform your loan data into business intelligence for credit and mortgage risk management, helping you understand your risks and seize opportunity.

LoanHD incorporates dashboards and visual data displays that let you quickly assess exposure to risk starting at the portfolio level, with drill-down access to loan-level details.

Manage concentrations and the risk within concentrations - something examiners are requiring today - through detailed pages of loan portfolio analysis and risk metrics containing color-coded trend icons that point to where risk is apparent or could be developing.

LoanHD risk analytics give you real-time insight and clarity about the consumer and mortgage loans you manage. Consistently monitor the vital components of risk: Borrower Risk | Collateral Risk | Market Risk | Geographic Risk | Concentration Risk.

Historical Trends

Historical trends are automatically captured as you continue to refresh loan-level data. For example, credit risk analysis of FICO scores provides insight regarding how key metrics change over time.


FICO score image for credit risk management

Pool and Loan-Level Graphs

Pool and loan-level graphs, with views based on attributes such as Borrower, Co-Borrower, Data Vendor, or an average, can reveal patterns of risk or opportunity to which you can respond proactively.


Pool and loan level risk analysis graphs


Forecasting using predictive analytics give you Delinquency, Default, Prepayment, Loss Severity and Cumulative Loss risk estimates for mortgage loans six months in advance, allowing you time to formulate and execute your mortgage risk management strategies.


Predictive analytics for loss probability analysis of mortgage loan risk thumbnail

Automated Valuation Models

Automated valuation models provide collateral values and 6-month forecasts at the property level and provide a point of comparison, confidence scores and collateral integrity scores. Improve mortgage risk management and ensure you have all of the necessary information you need on both the property and the market.


Automated valuation models for mortgage risk analysis image

Data Filtering

Data filtering allows you to segment loans that meet specified characteristics. Using LoanLogics mortgage loan risk analysis tools, identify loans that you would prefer to sell, loans that need proactive management, or qualify borrowers that represent new marketing opportunities.


Data filtering for loan and credit analytics chart

Surface the risk and opportunity in your loan portfolios, take action based on segmentation and targeting, and make informed decisions more quickly.