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Give Complexity, it's Clarity.
Islands of DataLoan information distributed across your
Loan Origination System, Servicing System and Enterprise Database
create islands of data.
LoanHD brings it all together for effective
portfolio evaluation.
MyData Engineyour data, made better.
Our process begins with the transfer of your data via standard
Excel outputs into the MyData Engine. Data aggregation &
quality control technology scrubs and normalizes your
data, using simple icons to indicate missing or
invalid data for your update. Start to finish,
the process is designed to achieve the
highest 3rd party hit rates possible.
Best-of-Breed Data Servicesprecisely what you need,
when you need it. A la carte access to information resources support
life-of-loan performance analytics & monitoring and close the gap of what you
don't know about your loan risk.
More than a
credit score,
over 180 points
of credit data.
coverage, 95%
hit rate.
Silent Lien Search
More accurate
CLTV and
compliance for
Ability To Pay
Based on
$10 trillion
database of
household data.
Provides an
estimate of
income up to
$2 million per
Segmentation & Risk Analysisturn uncertainty about the
future into usable probability. Consistently monitor the vital components
of risk for more effective segmentation and comprehensive portfolio evaluation, including but not
limited to: Borrower Risk | Market Risk | Concentration Risk | Collateral Risk | Geographic Risk
Leverage data granularity
to provide clarity for:
Predictive Analytics and
Loss Probability Analysis:
Prepayment | Delinquency
Default | Loss Severity
Cumulative Loss | Loan Scoring
Valuation and
Due Diligence Analysis:
Loan Sales Eligibility | Intrinsic Value
Risk Card
Custom Reporting
Business Intelligencemore control,
greater efficiency, instant insight.
Data visualization and customized reporting supports
decision making across functions and transforms
information into insight.
Risk Radar Alerts
Scatter Plot & Charts
Give complexity
its clarity.
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