LoanLogics is dedicated to improving the transparency, accuracy and quality of consumer loan commerce.

LoanLogics serves the market needs of residential mortgage and consumer lenders who want to improve loan quality, performance and reliability throughout the loan lifecycle. Our mission is to create advanced solutions that help clients validate compliance, improve profitability and manage risk during the manufacture, sale and servicing of loan assets.

Our commitment is to develop technologies that achieve this goal with a high ROI.

Opening up the credit box, attracting first-time homebuyers and achieving profitability goals are achievable through sound quality oversight from pricing to payoff. LoanLogics develops capabilities to cost effectively enable this oversight by applying automation and business intelligence to the evaluation of the people, processes and technologies used in mortgage loan production.

Data is at the core of our strategy. We go beyond simple standardization and storage to the verification and validation of loan file data. This level of granularity, analysis and audit history is what will help lenders drive to "0" defects, address root-cause issues and lower overall production costs.

Our innovative technology is enabling the mortgage marketplace to realize a strong ROI related to compliance, quality and performance management. It is used by our clients to drive consistent execution, repeatable outcomes and continuous improvement, which are the keys for transforming lending from a high cost production operation to a high value link to homeownership. We will continue to focus our efforts on increasing lending transparency, building regulatory and investor confidence and driving greater profitability throughout the industry.

Our distinction lies in our deep industry expertise that drives our product development

LoanLogics is a recognized leader in loan quality management and performance analytics technologies for the mortgage industry. Our organizational structure is constantly influenced by the tremendous changes occurring with respect to how loans are originated, serviced and marketed. We have assembled a team of professionals with origination, compliance and risk management expertise to complement our technology innovation capabilities, enabling us to address market needs more effectively.